Jeffrey Hunt

Fine Art Gemstones

LaBelle • A Radial Design in Oregon Sunstone with Schiller • 6.40 carats • By Jeffrey Hunt
Tumbuka Fulu in Nigerian Tourmaline  |   5.85 carats  |  Gemstone Design by Jeffrey Hunt.
Sea Change • An Experimental Design in Eye Popping Sea Foam Tourmaline by Jeffrey Hunt • 11.35 carats
Talullah in Pakistan Bicolor Tourmaline • 6.25 carats • Precision Gemstone Design and Faceting by Jeffrey Hunt • One of a Kind
Fern Prairie Agate • Pure and Simple Cabochon from a very special place. • 1.75 carats.  From Jeffrey Hunt
Liddicoat in Sri Lanka Zircon • 8.25 carats • The only gem in this design. By Jeffrey Hunt
Afghan Aquamarine in the Traditional Portuguese Cut • 13.30 carats
Kenya Zircon • Precision Faceted Gemstone •
Sri Lankan Chrysoberyl •
Dryad • A New Gemstone Design in Nigerian Spessartite by Jeffrey Hunt • 2.45 carats • A Beautiful Hot Gemstone
Prince Madagascar Sapphire in Natural Sunlight showing a shift towards blue. In candlelight this stone would go a bit more red.

Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers, 1916 (source).


Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers, 1916 (source).

For advanced users only • The Machina Cut in Nigerian Tourmaline • 3.8 carats • New Design Development by Jeffrey Hunt
Wintermint - A New Gemstone Design in Afghan Tourmaline. 3.15 carats
Creating a New Style of Gemstone Design
A New Precision Faceted Cabochon in Afghan Tourmaline • 15.10 carats • The Hammer by Jeffrey Hunt